Two mosquito species new to Luxembourg: Aedes refiki and Aedes communis

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In April 2019, during the first field work period for the MosquitoLUX project aiming to produce an atlas of the mosquitoes of Luxembourg, two species new to Luxembourg have been found, which extends the provisional checklist to 22 species.

Aedes refiki (Medschid, 1928)

  • Mondercange (4 larvae, 03/04/2019).
  • Stadtbredimus (25 larvae and 5 nymphs, 06/04/2019). Larval sampling in a pond of undergrowth (dead leaves) of oak groves and willows, with Aedes rusticus, Ae. cantans, Anopheles claviger and Culiseta annulata.

Aedes communis (De Geer, 1776)

  • Heispelt (50 larvae and 30 nymphs, 09/04/2019) Larval sampling in two pools of undergrowth (dead leaves) of oak grove and oak grove, with Ae. annulipes/cantans.

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